Kids can be picky eaters, but there’s a wide variety of healthy snacks to choose from that can get them excited about food. Whether they are into savory or sweet, you’ll find a gourmet snack on Karton.PH that your child would drool over.
Karton.PH has a lot of thought into providing gourmet snacks with a twist from different gourmet stores and food vendors. Here are some kid-friendly treats available at the gourmet marketplace.
Seasalt Kettle-cooked Potato Chips
Your kids will enjoy snacking on these scrumptious Seasalt Kettle Chips by Spud Buds. They are made with 100% real potatoes—hand grown and handcrafted to perfection.
Local farmers take their time to grow, cut, peel, and cook them, making sure they achieve the perfect gourmet snack.
Spud Buds Potato Chips also comes in other flavors. They can choose from barbeque, sour cream, white cheese, and sriracha. Dark chocolate, milk chocolate, and white chocolate potato chips are also available for children with a sweet tooth.
Price: PHP 75
Ingredients: Seasalt, Potatoes
Flavor: Seasalt
Shelf Life: 3 months
Weight: 50g net
Medium Chocolate Chip Cookies
Ever heard of the cookie monster? Well, one of your kids will turn into one after you’ve ordered these irresistible medium chocolate chip cookies by Cookie Fairy. 
Kids love sweet treats because it eliminates bad taste from their mouth. Each cookie is carefully combined with sugar and chocolate chips to make the perfect treat that’s perfect for kids of all ages.
Cookie Fairy’s bake shop has an interesting story on how their gourmet snacks were created. These cookies were originally made by Au who started baking during her third grade. When her mum was rushed to the emergency room on her birthday, she decided to bake herself a cake. This recipe was then passed down to her daughters, who then started a bakeshop.
So, when you order these cookies, remember that behind each bite is a simple story of a girl who learned to bake at a young age. She developed a gourmet snack great for kids!
Order this delightful, gourmet snack, and receive it the same day they’ve been baked.
Price: PHP 200.00
Ingredients: Butter, Eggs, Flour, Baking Soda, Sugar, Chocolate Chip
Flavor: Chocolate Chip
Weight: 300g
Shelf Life: 5 days
Frozen Brownies
You really can’t go wrong with these fudgy frozen brownies that literally melt in your mouth. Pling’s frozen brownies are moist and full of rich, choco goodness. This mouth-watering treat is best served straight from the freezer, making it the perfect dessert for any occasion. No baking needed!
Don’t serve your children ready-made brownies that contain preservatives. Every ingredient of these frozen brownies is handpicked by Pling herself, then meticulously prepared and baked to perfection.
Just like the chocolate chip cookies, this is another gourmet snack your kids will love. They will surely be begging for more!
Your kids will be excited with all these choices of snacks. But there are more gourmet snacks to choose from for your whole family too. You can all indulge in these snacks, which can be delivered to your door step within 1-2 days.  Each gourmet snack is handmade and carefully prepared to produce high-quality food for your whole family.

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