The only dream that I really prayed for is to have my own family a husband that who will love me unconditionally and a kid that can complete me. Growing up with in a family oriented surroundings I’m always dreaming that someday I will have my own and God never failed me, after four months being married He blessed us with a baby and that is you. To the one who made me a mom for seven years now, this is for you.
I had an easy pregnancy, I’m always praying that you will stay healthy until the last semester and you never failed me. I wanted to meet you, I always thought what you would look like, what future is waiting for us. And God gave me you on the best day you were born October 10, 2010.

The day that you came in the world was the day that my life changed forever, you made me a mom that every woman wanted to be. It took me a while to sink in my mind the new stage of my life and finally my dream come true. Being a mom is a lot of responsibility and changes but I accept it wholeheartedly just to be with you.
The first time that I held you in my arms I was crying that God gave me the person that I need, that finally I am with you that I’ve prayed for every day. I always believe that He gave me you to make me a better person and to learn the true meaning of unconditional love and I am always thankful for it.

I love you every moment and I cherished everything, I am always thinking don’t grow up too fast because I want to be with you forever. Every day is exciting to see your new endeavours when you are growing and at the same time sad and painful because I can see you that you are becoming the kid that I wanted to be. I want to remember every single detail from you and each single step when you are growing up. Every night I will pray that God guide you and give me more strength to be your mom and bless us with more love.
From the time that you came to our lives, our life changed we become more loving person and you filled our house happiness. You never failed us to laugh and give us a reason to keep on going. You always surprised us with your everyday antics, your new learnings, new words and you let us enter your innocent world. Once again you let us to feel to be kid once again and we are always thankful for that.

Being a mom to you is the best job/role that I would not trade for anything because you give meaning to my life. And being a mom is the forever joy in my heart until the day I die. Forgive me that there are times that I am tired and pre occupied with a lot of roles that I am holding but always remember that mommy loves you very much.

Always remember that no matter what  I am your mom and I love you we will grow older, and together we will face the world.
I will be forever thankful and I will never forget that you were the one who made me a mom J

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