Finally the pictures are here na during my Little Kulit 7th birthday party. My problem now is how to choose 100 pictures maganda lahat he he he. But one thing caught my eyes the pictures with his ninangs and ninongs. They are my friends for keeps we’ve been together more than 20 years already. Yes ganyan na kami katagal magkakasama.

Being friends with them is tested na through thick and thin. We’ve been together since college magkakasama na kami sa kalokohan, until we graduated and now we have our own families. They are with me from the time I got married, gave birth they witness my son’s baptismal and first birthday.
Actually we are not complete here we are more than 15 in the group. Yung iba nasa Dubai, US, Canada at yung mga nasa Philippines na traffic.
During the party the host asked us to choose 5 adult to play. Of course maghahanap pa ba ako ng iba. We had fun during the game. Kahit sa una gusto na nila ako batukan bakit sila napili ko ha ha ha. Together with my brother and sister.


Huli si Surge, everyone is listening to the instruction while he is eating :-

And the game starts, lahat yan competitive

Ang kukulit nila diba

Sige go pa

My little sissy is not listening to the instruction 🙂

Guess who won the game 🙂

This people will be forever cherished, no matter what we will stand for each other.

Till our next parties, food trip and travel

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