It’s another Mommy Anna finds; for the past few days, I’ve been busy packing orders for the span of eight days we already shipped 15 sweep drag all in one. I am back now with online selling. I do not have any intention to sell but when I saw how it works and my Little Kulit is having fun while doing this I decided to share it to other mommies out there


Sweep Drag all in one is so easy to assemble just put the handle and viola you can start to clean. Dahil sa summer vacation na all our kids is at home and no excuse na magkakalat sila. We need to teach them how to clean their own mess. And for sure they will make a lot of excuses not to follow, why not we make fun for them

My Little Kuit is now in charge cleaning our room, excited magwalis and in fairness makintab na din floor naming.
We are still accepting orders, just send me pm in case you want to avail one. We have four available colors violet, blue, green and red.

Here is the sneak peak how it works 

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