These days, many are staying away from home because they have found work in the cities, or they have gone outstation for higher studies. Most of us have been well protected staying together with our families and there is always someone to accompany us to and from school or tuition. But once we leave the comfort and protection of our home to stay alone by ourselves, we have to take precaution for our own safety.
In our modern society, it is not surprising to find many singles staying alone by themselves. Many enjoy the privacy and freedom from staying alone. They have full control over what they do, eat, or how they decorate their home. Staying alone may be fun but staying alone also means we have no one to count on in times of need or when we are sick. Staying alone means we have to fend for ourselves and we will be responsible for our own safety.
Singles especially females are easy targets and we have to take extra precaution to protect ourselves. Fitting a hidden camera to monitor people outside our gate or our front door will alert us to whoever has been watching or loitering outside our house. We can also keep tabs through the hidden camera systems installed on our smartphones.

For singles who move about on their own, it is advisable to arm themselves with one of the best self-defense weapons such as sticks, pepper sprays, pen knives, and etc. Even our own body parts such as our elbows, legs, etc. can be used as weapons if we are trained in self-defense art.
Most of us have no training in self-defense, so the next best thing is to equip ourselves with self-defense weapons such as collapsible batons, stun guns, tasers, and etc. Keeping a self-defense weapon with us will give us peace of mind and can help us protect ourselves in the event of robbery, or a home break-in, etc.

Having a self-defense weapon at hand such as a taser can incapacitate the attacker from a safe distance. Taser is powerful and can immobilize the predator from up to 15 feet away giving you valuable time to escape from the danger to find help or get to a safe

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