This year our family goal is to travel more and enjoy. As what saying goes “You only live once” it means we need to live to the fullest. Of course don’t forget that we must also save for the future, when we become old. Life is like a roller coaster there is up and down. Well that is part of being alive, that where we can test our personality and faith.

Frankly everyone wants to be rich and famous, sabi nga nila money is power. But for me right now I am in the stage of my life that I am contented and happy on what I have right now. I am not hypocrite there are times that I am still dreaming that I am rich that I can buy everything that I want in a snap, that I can provide more to my family, that I can travel whenever I want to, that I have a lot of money. But when you become old and mature simplicity and peaceful life will be the best.

Yah I am not rich, I don’t have millions or hundreds of thousands in the bank, I don’t have a brand new car, branded bags etc but I am confident to say that I am happy.

There are so many things that I am thankful for 🙂

1.       I have a God that who is our source for everything. Without HIM we are nothing


2.       I have a husband who loves me unconditionally, yah we are not perfect we have ups and downs, we struggle but one thing for sure we both know that we love and respect one another.

9th wedding anniversary

3.       I have a son who gives me life and purpose to live every day, when I gave birth I become a better person

Bakit ba nag bilis bilis mo lumaki anak, dahan dahan lang wala ka pa kasunod

My bestfriend

4.       I have a family that who always support and guide me all the way, no matter what.

5.       I still have my daddy and mommy who loves me unconditionally, love and treat my son as their own

6.       I have in-laws who is patience and understanding

7.       I have countless friends that I can lean on


8.       I met new friends, never imagine that I can gain new sisters through blogging

9.       Blogging open some opportunities for me

10.   We still have Ate Gloria, who help us to maintain our house

11.   I can provide decent meal for my family

12.   We can still have out of towns and family time

13.   We are now planning for our out of the country trip soon

14.   We have a home that we are looking forward to go home everyday

15.   We have a car that we can use, so we cannot experience the burden of commuting

16.   We have gadgets that help us to learn more and entertain us

17.   I have a job that can provide our needs

18.   I can send my son to a good school

19.   I can have a “ME TIME” once in a while

20.   I am still ALIVE

And list go on, more things to be thankful than to complain. Being happy and contented it does not mean you can have everything in the world. Because in one snap, things can be taken away from you.  Spend time with your love ones, as much as possible shower them with attention and affection. Let’s forgive and forget don’t dwell with the past.

Why I am saying all of these, because life is too short and we must give importance to all the people who matters most in our lives. Hindi yung kalian wala na sila. Always keep in mind material things is not permanent in this world.

Let’s live simple, God fearing, happy and contended. Always counts or blessings than to complain

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