Nowadays mahirap ang buhay that is why we need to be wiser when it comes to spending. I always look for sale when it comes to hunting school supplies for my little kulit.

This year he asked me if I can buy him a new school bag, I bought a Hawk bag for him which is durable and definitely last long. The original price of this bag is Php 4800 and it was on sale less 10 % and an additional 10% during the SM sale. I almost got a 1000.00 discount for this bag.

This bag can fit 14 books and 12 notebooks as per salesman, as of the moment we have 12 books pa lang and 11 notebooks and some stuffs kasya naman. Hindi na nalulukot ang book

I took advantage of an additional 10% per item; this is where I also bought his shoes, underwear, and undershirts, I saved Php 500.00.

For some of his school supplies, we went to Amspec bodega sale which most of the items are 30% off. I got all of this less than Php 500.00

I bought pencils by box na, every week na lang kasi nawawala ang pencil

Before going to the National bookstore, I checked some of his old stuff if may magagmit pa, then I bought what is new on the list.

Overall I saved more than Php 2500.00 for his school stuff this year 🙂

Tip lang mga mommies as much as possible lets wait for bodega or mall sale, makakatipid tayo talaga.



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