Because of this pandemic, we decided to homeschool our little kulit. It’s a big step for us since I’m working. After several discussions, scouting, asking for recommendations, and attending orientations we finally down to two choices


It took me a week to decide which provider will work for our family. After weighing the pros and cons; we chose Home School Pilipinas

What is Homeschooling?


From the word itself it is home-based and we, parents will serve there as a facilitator; which makes me worry since I have a lot of things to consider if I am ready to take a new challenge.


Why We Homeschool?

Honestly, I am hesitant at first there are a lot of questions running in my mind. I ask myself kaya ko ba? Kaya ba namin? Is it expensive? How will I start? and etc


The first step, I talked to some friends and relative who is into homeschool to get an idea of the flow.  From there I asked for a recommendation, do my research, and attended orientation.


After all the orientation, naliwanagan ako about homeschool, iba pala nasa isip ko before. And maybe this set up will work for our family since our son had a hard time adjusting to the big school. But of course, I also asked his opinion if he is okay with it him since we need to work on it; when he said yes and it looks fine we go for it.

If this setup will work for us, we might continue until Grade 7 or even until Grade 10. We are both looking forward to what will happen.


We Choose Homeschool Pilipinas?

They are under Homeschool Global which is a plus for me and during the orientation, they clearly state what we can expect from them.

They are under Homeschool Global which is a plus for me and during the orientation, they clearly state what we can expect from them.


Apps were already shown if where we can access the modules, lessons, activities, and tests. Printed learning materials are also provided for younger students.

To give you an idea with their curriculum package and tuition here is the list;

Fixed Curriculum Package  

  • Customized online learning portal for all subjects with HELE & MAPE inclusive of lessons and study guide
  • Mastery Level Test & Online Quarterly Tests
  • Learning Facilitation and Grading by Parents



Tuition Fee

Pre K                     Php 10,000 (tuition fee) + 4,534 for the curriculum package

Grade 1-6            Php 12,000 (tuition fee) + 5, 725 for the curriculum package

Grade 7-10          Php 15,000 (tuitin fee) + 4,543 for the curriculum package


They offer an installment basis for the tuition fee but full payment for the curriculum package.


I saved more than half for last school year, and that saving is what will I use to purchase his laptop and setting up his study area.


We are now officially enrolled, and ready to take this new challenge.

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