2020 certainly caused a shake-up in wellness trends all around, and 2021 appears set to continue in a novel direction, especially when it comes to kids’ and babies’ wellness. You might have already tried fun new health additions like Wellements probiotic drops and other immune boosters for children, but may be curious about what the new year’s trends have in store. This next year looks like it will likely continue the shift toward holistic wellness and finding ways to relieve stress, and the best part is, you and your kids can incorporate these trendy ideas into your everyday routines for a healthier life. Check out some of the top health and wellness trends you could see gains popularity in upcoming months.

Expect a Renewed Focus on Kids’ Stress Relief and Healthy Habits


In 2020, groups of all ages experienced higher levels of stress than ever. That’s why in 2021, many families may start incorporating a concerted focus on healthy habits and stress relief, like taking time to relax every day and trying out children’s nighttime meditation before bed. Because so many families have been spending extra time together, taking a little individual time each day for meditation and re-centering can be a powerful way to let out frustrations and stress.


Imaginative, Free Play Time May Take Precedence Over Scheduled Activities

Those with particularly young children and babies may be interested to know that letting your kids have unstructured, free play time may actually prove more beneficial than over-scheduling every minute. Though over-scheduling used to be confined to older kids whose parents would sign them up for one too many after-school activities, today some parents may overload even their infants with an excess of enrichment or educational games. You can rest easy knowing that this year, more parents than ever are gravitating towards open-ended playtime for their kids, supported by:

  • Colorful stuffed animals
  • Picture books
  • Crayons and coloring books
  • Puzzles or building blocks

Occasional Junk Food May Get Balanced Out by Trends Toward Healthier Snacks


All young children love chowing down on some junk food once in a while, but if your kids are regularly gravitating towards the chips and ice cream, it may be time to switch to offering bananas or carrot sticks instead. This year, the general trend might support your efforts – there’s a shift towards balancing occasional treats with healthy, beneficial snacks for kids. You can let your kids pick out one or two treats a week, for instance, and on the other days, they can enjoy some fresh produce or filling carbs and protein.

Health trends for adults are always changing, but what you might not have realized until now is that wellness trends for kids and babies are on the rise as well. Thankfully, many of these trends focus on holistic well being and can easily be incorporated into both your and your children’s daily routines. To keep up with the latest in health and wellness trends and help your children live well-balanced lives, consider trying out some of these approaches in 2021.



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