I’ve been blogging for how many years now, thinking about what do I gain from it. My main goal is just to have an outlet where I can express my feelings and experience as a working raising my toddler. But I never imagine that this outlet will help me to grow, discover more about myself. Meet new friends and yes I also earn from it.

During the pandemic, we are forced to stay at home for how many months it means I cannot work and no income is coming but the bills and expenses are piling up. And I am glad that during this time I have some sponsored posts and ads coming for my blog.

Frankly speaking, it takes time to make money in blogging and get you noticed. But when you hit the road everything will go smoothly.

To give you an idea of how much top earners earn, you can check it here How Much The Top Parenting Influencers Make Per OPst | Moms.com

How to Start Blogging

Start a Blog

You need to have an actual blog and think about the niche that you want.

If you have decided on your niche you can get an idea of your content. I admire the article about Alexandra Nicole how she starts blogging.

Domain Name

Think of a catchy name for your blog. That the reader can easily remember you. Then invest in the domain, there are a lot of promos just do research. Got mine in go daddy

Choose your Platform

You can choose either WordPress or Blogspot

Publish Quality Content and Be Consistent

To be able to recognize or encourage someone to visit your blog, make sure that you have content that can attract readers and know your niche. Be consistent in publishing your post.

How to Earn in Blogging

As I said earlier earning takes time,

Sign up with Affiliate 

When I am starting I am eager to sign up here, but it will require several posts, traffic, and consistency. Earning depends on the click ads.

Sponsored Post

You can receive a sponsored post from a certain company if they notice your blog if you gain high traffic, and as much as possible aim for a high DA (domain authority).

Earning range from $10-150 dollars

PR post and PR Kit

This depends on the agreement between the agency and the blogger. It is either X-deal or paid.

Banner Ads

Placing an ad in your blog is one of generating income.

To be able to maintain high traffic and chances to click the banner ads I suggest promoting your blog.

Now that you have an idea, go on and start

Good Luck 🙂





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