Building an emergency fund is what we need nowadays because of this pandemic. To be able to build funds we have to know how to budget and organize our finances.


Handling our finances is the essential key to achieving our goal. With an emergency fund, we can have peace of mind. Experts say that the emergency fund is different from our savings, at least six months of our monthly expenses should be in our emergency fund, And this is what I am trying to save it again. As we all know it’s been a year since we are in lockdown and an unexpected big purchase that we made last February that we need to work on.


Calculate Everything

Create a budget and list down all your expenses even in the small centavo. For a working mom like me, we can use a budget plan calculator  where we can see how our finances state.



Debt Free

It’s hard to live without debt, but we need to know how we can pay it, shorten the terms and lessen the interest.

TIP: Don’t pay the minimum amount


Look for other Sources of Income

Let’s not focus on our monthly salary, as much as possible, we have to look for other sources of income.

To make everything work we need to FOCUS and SACRIFICE ours wants to be able to save and pay our debt. Let’s take an advantage of financial calculators.




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