How do you make your guests stay longer in your events? Is it food, party booths, or party people? As a guest and a party host, I am usually looking forward to entertainment. And to be able to catch your guest’s attention you need to hire a comedian to make the party going.

A comedian’s job is to make us laugh and entertain. It’s hard to find a good one who is reliable and will make the event lively throughout the day. 

Three ways to find a right comedian

Ask for a Recommendation

You can ask for a recommendation from friends, a family who has experienced in hiring a comedian from getting one for their events. 

.Approach Comedian Directly

If you want to save some money you can approach a comedian directly. 

Search on the Internet

In times like this most of the things can be found online. We can do the research, watch videos and read reviews about their work and style.

When I am searching, I found Damon Wayans Jr on Special guest. He is so good when it comes to spilling his jokes. When he says “I will make you laugh” he does. No dull moments with him.

You can watch him on YouTube and he has a website where you can inquire and book a reservation.

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