Every woman loves to decorate her house or even a simple place that she can call her own space. You can get a lot of ideas from Pinterest and magazines. However, because of the pandemic, we are often to stay at home and shop online. All Home can solve our home worries and needs.

AllHome is the modern Filipino families’ first choice when it comes to building or renovating their homes. Offers an extensive range of top-quality home-improvement products that are all under one roof: construction supplies, hardware, appliances, indoor and outdoor furniture, homeware, décor, and even electronic gadgets.

My Experience

I am now in the process of changing the color scheme and some stuff in our room, my color scheme is light pink, gray, and white. I want the scenery to be peaceful and relaxing.

Let us start with the curtains, I prefer white so it can complement my beddings,


Add a comfortable chair its also help me to relax when I am still not sleepy or read my book. During this pandemic, our room needs to have a small working space, and this study desk will help.

To give a little bit of accent, I put a Faux Fur Rug Beige which complements the color scheme.

Lights also make the room relaxing,

To complete the room set up, let’s have some throw pillows from pink, gray, and white.



Air Purifier is one of the essentials that we must have in our room, you can get as much as low Php 7,000.00.

All Home Website


All Home is a one-time shop where you can choose from furniture, appliances, and even groceries. Just simply create an account and you are ready to go.


The site is easy to navigate, it’s all categorized. You can also select from the color and price range that you can prefer. Payment options are also very convenient

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