You may be running a hospital, clinic or a laboratory, it is necessary that you choose the right medical gloves. You would come across various types of medical gloves,which you can buy from the market, but there is more to consider than just the price and quantity. You should be emphasizing mainly on the comfort level and protection against all those infectious particles, toxins and diseases. These gloves prove to be extremely beneficial when it comes to performing any surgery as it lets the healthcare specialists prevent them from coming into contact with those contaminants that can be deadly for the body. These gloves have really been playing one of the most important roles, especially when operations or other emergencies are performed.

What are various types of medical gloves?

It is always wise to buy wholesale medical gloves. This is because you never know when you fall short of any of the medical gloves. There are various types of medical gloves that are used by the doctors, nurses, physicians, and medical practitioners for plenty of reasons.

  1. Latex Gloves – Latex Gloves are without a doubt the most popular type gloves that have extensively been used for the performing surgeries and those surgeries which involve a high amount of risk. For over 100 years, these gloves have been preferred the most by medical professionals. This is because of the fact that the supple construction of these gloves makes the doctors feel that their gloves are like a second skin to them and make easy for them to grab any surgical instruments. This is because that the exterior of these gloves is less sticky. Latex gloves are strong and last for long and they are, in fact, the thickest ones of all gloves. They are made from natural rubber which provides flexibility to the doctors.
  2. Vinyl Gloves – There are reports that state the fact that around 17% of the medical professionals have been affected by those allergies caused by latex gloves, so the use of vinyl gloves has been gaining an immense popularity. This is because of the reason that these gloves are latex free. With the use of these gloves, the environment in the hospitals and clinics has become a safe one for both staff and patients.The medical vinyl gloves are friendly to one’s skin and don’t cause any allergic reactions as compared to latex ones. You should avoid using these gloves in an environment where the risk is high and the offer a standard a barrier protection. If you think that you might come into contact with the body fluid from the patient,which can cause an allergy while performing a surgery involving a high risk, you should not wear these gloves. These gloves are reasonably priced.
  3. Nitrile Gloves – The best part of Nitrile Gloves are that it prevent the health care workers from coming into contact with a skin reaction. These gloves are strong and don’t easily get ripped, holes and tears. These really work in harsh conditions and highly preferred by the doctors and nurses. They also work well with lotions.
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