Do you get enough sleep? or do you fall asleep immediately? Just like food and water, sleep is a must to maintain our good health. We need at least 8 hours of sleep.

A bedtime routine is a simple way that can help our mind and body relax.

Bedtime Routine

Set Time

Following a consistent sleeping time helps us to be disciplined. Give ourselves enough time in bed to get the amount of sleep.

Take a Shower

Freshen up will make you have a good sleep.

No Gagdets

As much as possible we must set aside our gadgets to avoid playing games, netflix, social media and etc

Relax and Meditate

Light yoga, stretching, breathing exercises, and meditation will help your body to have a good night’s sleep.

Make your room Cozy

Make your room clean and cozy. Choose a bed that you can relax and sleep. You can have an adjustable bed with anti-snore


  • Independent head and foot adjustability for maximum customization
  • One-touch buttons for zero gravity, anti-snore, watching TV and more
  • Whisper-quiet two-zone massage, with 3 modes and 3 intensities
  • Convenient USB ports on both sides
  • Under-bed LED lighting
  • Designed and engineered in the United States


Adjust your bed to your lifestyle- Elevate your head and/or feet to find the perfect position, get in and out of bed easier, or help relieve pressure and pain.

Relax in style- Experience the feeling of weightlessness with one-touch zero gravity position, and drift off to sleep with dual head and foot massage settings.

Get that luxury look- Pairs perfectly with any mattress, and can be combined with most headboards (brackets sold separately).

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