My son loves math and as a working mom, there are times that I am not able to guide him in his studies. I am so glad that I came across the that has fun free math games and board games for kids. Its a great help for me

What we love about this site that the site is so easy to navigate games are already categorized from age level; you will not waste your time to figure it out which games is best suited for our kids. Another bonus points is no sign up or log in required.

If you have grade schooler kid like me aside for math games, they can try board games

Board Games for Kids

All games are free online virtual board games

Snakes and Ladders

Popular for everyone 🙂 I enjoyed playing this one

Classic board game with 2 to 4 pieces on the playing field. Landing on a ladder advances you and landing on a snake sends you back. Opponents can also bump your piece. Moves are determined by the roll of a die & this game allows the first player to compete against the computer or up to 3 other human players.


Simple and basic online gameplay of the classic board game where players jump the other team’s pieces to remove them from the board and reach the opposing side to become kings. You can choose one or two players.

Battleship War


Modern take on the classic board game. It is only one player, though has both basic and advanced modes. The advance mode allows you to send in fighter jets to hit a number of cells at once or use sonar to identify the location of a competing ship.


This is one of the best past times that you can do and you will learn at the same time. Check it now


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