Because of this Covid most of us have difficulties in our finances We have learned the importance of savings, emergency funds, and insurance. Now that we are coping and trying to get up in this pandemic, we need to secure our investment and learn how to save and manage our finances. 

Let’s start learning how to save our money


Learn how to budget our money. We need to set a budget for all our expenses and as much as possible let’s stick to it.

Track your Expenses

Tracking spending habits can make us aware how much we spend and help us to identify which area that we need to cut. 

Make a Grocery List

Check our pantry area and make a list before going out.

Pay in Cash

Stop using credit card and learn how to pay in cash. Withdraw your money for cash expenses.

Automate our Savings and Learn to Invest

Avail the automate savings for our future and learn to invest. The simple can be used to help us to calculate the total value of investment. 

What is Simple Savings Calculator

Use this calculator to quickly figure out how much money will be saved up during a set investment period. 

How to Calculate Using Savings Calculator?

  1. Determine the initial amount to invest
  2. Compund the initial amount either monthly, quarterly or annually 
  3. Determine the future value of monthly installment amount with the same rate of interest that was 

Let us save and learn to invest:-)


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